Employee Handbook and Personnel Policies Manual (14th. Edition 2017 By Richard Simmons Esq.)

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Employee Handbook and Personnel Policies Manual (14th. Edition 2017 By Richard Simmons Esq.)
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The first book of its kind --designed for all employers throughout the country

    A unique publication covering the full range of policies included in personnel handbooks.

    A one-step reference for personnel policies with guidelines on how to draftpolicies and avoid common pitfalls.


Over 740 Pages 
New 13th Edition

    An essential reference tool for every personnel director, labor relations consultant, payroll manager, and EEO coordinator.

    New CD-ROM allows readers to print and edit the sample policies from the book.

    A non-technical guide to laws and regulations applicable to handbooks and personnel policies.

    An indispensable manual for every human resources library. 

- Over 430 Sample Handbook Provisions -


  • Medical Leave Of Absence Policies
  • Drug And Alcohol Policies
  • Social Media and Networking Policies
  • Checklists For Policies
  • Employee Classifications
  • Progressive Discipline Policies
  • Vacation Policies
  • Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Ability To Modify Policies
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Leaves
  • Contract Issues
    • Employment At Will
    • Pregnancy Leave Policies
    • COBRA Notice
    • Violence Prevention Policies
    • Immigration Law Policies
    • English-Only Rules
    • Family Leave Policies
    • Overtime Policies
    • Internet and E-Mail Policies
    • Compensatory Time Off Rules
    • Leave of Absence Laws
    • Non-Fraternization Policies
    • Sample Policies -- Over 430

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