Wrongful Discharge, Staff Reduction and Employment Practices Manual (4th. Edition) By Richard Simmons

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Wrongful Discharge, Staff Reduction and Employment Practices Manual (4th. Edition) By Richard Simmons
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An essential manual for every employer in the nation.

    A desk reference that guides employers through the process of discipline, documentation, and termination practices.

    Finally - a publication that advises employers how to avoid lawsuits and increase the likelihood of prevailing when suits are filed..

    A resource that every person involved in hiring, evaluating or disciplining employees should have.

Over 750 Pages 
New 4th Edition

    The first publication that addresses the full range of employer responsibilities when evaluating and administrating key personnel actions.

    A non-technical review of the law of wrongful discharge and related claims.

    A step-by-step guide to assist employers to create and administer an effective performance evaluation system.

    An outsanding practical and legal guide for every personnel director, human resources official, manager, labor attorney, and personnel consultant.

- Over 50 Pages Of Sample Personnel Forms - 

  • Keys To Documentation
  • Post Termination Practices
  • At-Will Policy Issues
  • History Of Wrongful Discharge Law
  • Plant Closing And Warn Rules
  • Personnel File Issues
  • Theories Used Against Employers
  • Statutory And Common Law Claims
  • Employee And Employer Duties
  • Negligent Performance Evaluations
  • Sample Forms
  • Exit Interview Forms
  • Job Applications Based On ADA Rules
  • Creating And Administering Effective

  •      Performance Evaluation Systems
  • Defensive Practices
  • Defamation Issues
  • Layoff Issues
  • Employee Polygraph Laws
  • Emotional Distress Claims
  • Progressive Discipline Issues
  • Avoiding Discharge Liability
  • Job Reference Issues
  • Grounds For Dismissals
  • Unemployment Insurance Responses
  • Arbitration And Mediation

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